Devotion to your spouse is vital to the success of any marriage. In the Bible the apostle Paul was teaching the people about marriage and the duties of husbands and wives when he said, “For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh… . Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband (Ephesians 5:31-33).”

In order for marriage to flourish both husband and wife need to leave theirIMG_20160204_192149_editparents and start a new home together. From that moment they need to be number one in each other’s life. That doesn’t mean they don’t love and care about their parents. It simply means that the top priority has now changed from parents to spouse.

Here are a few reasons why this is so important

A. It shows honor and respect for your spouse

When your husband or wife knows he or she comes before your parents, it creates a deeper marital bond. If a wife continually runs to her parents for counsel instead of first talking with her husband, it can create a feeling of distrust. The same with a husband. When you talk together as a couple about your problems and seek answers in a united way, it strengthens your marriage. Parents can be consulted, but it’s best done with both of you present, not going behind each other’s back. That doesn’t mean there won’t be times when one-on-one time with a parent is needed. It just means that running to a parent is not your first or usual response.

B. It shows your spouse and your parents that your marriage is solid

If one or the other keeps running home to Mom or Dad, complaining about his or her spouse, it can be damaging to your marriage. A mother of a young married daughter told about how her daughter was continually telling them bad things about her husband – nothing big, just annoying things like he doesn’t pick up his clothes, he watches too much TV, or a myriad of other nit-picky traits. When this happens the parents can’t help but feel like you married a loser, even though there are wonderful things about him that you love. If they have a skewed view of your mate due to your continual barrage of negatives, they may not give you proper counsel, even may encourage you to leave him. Unless there’s abuse, that would be disastrous. When you put your spouse first, your parents and your spouse will recognize how important your marriage is to you.

C.It creates a stronger intimacy with your spouse

When your focus is on your mate then each other’s needs can be met. There is a bond of devotion where deep sharing of thoughts and experiences kindle a love that can be experienced no other way. This kind of intimacy opens the door to a more romantic relationship. If you don’t feel like you’re number one, genuine intimacy is hard to achieve. Allowing your parents to have that number one spot can put a damper on your relationship. A woman told us about how her mother-in-law called her son every night at bedtime. She said, “Just when we finally have some alone time after the kids are in bed the phone rings, and it’s her. The other night we were snuggling on the couch enjoying each other when it rang. We knew who it was. My husband always feels obligated to take the call. It’s taking a toll on the intimate side of our marriage.” This couple solved the problem by the husband telling his mother this was not a good time to call. They then set a time that worked better for all concerned. Most parents want their kids to have a happy marriage and will respond to such requests. Taking this action helped his wife realize how important she was to him. Setting boundaries with parents in a kind and loving way is important. Keeping close to parents matters, and it can be done without jeopardizing your marriage.

D. When things get tough you can count on each other

When you’ve kept each other at the top of the list, there will be no question about loyalty to and from your spouse. A couple told of a time the husband lost his business. He said, “My wife was by my side the whole time, cheering me on, right up to the bitter end when the business collapsed. I knew that even if my parents or others criticized me for taking this risk, she would stick up for me.” No one chooses to fail, but if it happens it is comforting to know your spouse is right there to buoy you up. That goes for other kinds of challenges, as well. When you have kept each other as a priority, you’ll be there for each other through the hard times. Your spouse is your greatest support system. Parental love and support is nice to have, but in the end it is your spouse who is by your side daily.

E. When your parents reach the end of their lives, having your spouse by your side will be very comforting.

Keeping the relationship strong with your mate can make all heartaches a little more bearable, particularly this one. If you have been respectful and loving to your parents, all the while keeping your mate as your priority, your memories will be sweeter and your marriage will be stronger.


In all of this, don’t push your parents/guardians away. Include them in ways that work for you and your spouse. A loving relationship with parents can be very helpful in keeping your family strong. You and your spouse can build that relationship while keeping each other as your main priority.


Pill 4 Love!

Love in the marriage
Love in the home
Love in our hearts,

Then if Iove be,
Where cometh the strife?
Even the anger and hidden pain?

Can all the negatives flourish in love?


Expectation!!! Expectation!!! It is they say is the mother of frustration.

I hear a whisper……
Frustration is the grand father of hate and hate conceive, nurture and birth all other issues that work daily to strangle love.


To heal a malnourished love,
We have to first kill expectation,
then bury hate alive.
Then naturally Love will be restored, as all offerings of hate will disappear from the home.

Yippee Love in the marriage.
Love in the home.
Love in our hearts.IMG-20171113-WA0003

The Man Who prefers a dog face to his cute face.

1510580423692-642505512James Carlton transformed his face to a dog face…. Why would he have done this???

That is the one question I have been trying to find an answer to since I read that news last night. Human wants are insatiable we leant from Economics back in Secondary school, because the more needs we meet the more we crave…..
The rich wants to get richer…
The poor wants to get rich….
The powerful wants to hold on to power…
While the weak wants power….
The list can go on and on but one thing is sure,as long as human do not learn to control their wants … the craving will never stop and will lead many to insanity, ensuring they continue to make wrong choices over and over again…which will continue to dig holes and create void in their lives.
The solution is simple,but will they listen?
Is another question I am yet to have an answer to.
Self Love is all one needs to have control over excessive desires of nonsense making wants…
When you know who you’re and how much God, the Universe has already validated you..
Then you need not seek attention by bleaching yourself white,green or even black,not by changing your genitals to and fro any creature it pleases you.
The world needs healing, Let us all spread love and pray daily for those seeking validation from the wrong places. Share this to minister to someone who needs to know that he /she is loved and already validated.

Switching places!

Every celebration by the enemy because of the executed plan carried out by them, shall be cut short this day, for the Lord your God will never leave you nor forsake you.
Esther 3 vs 15
“The posts went out, being hastened by the King’s commandment, and the decree was given in Shushan the plalace. And the king and Haman sat down to drink but the city Shushan was perplexed”. Note : Haman had plotted against Mordecai and his people, all seemed well and working according to plan but God showed up through Esther and his evil plots ended up crushing him.
So shall God wake up your Esther this day to turn around what was meant to kill you to favour you in Jesus name. Amen.
God loves you, do not give up on Him because he will never ever give up on you. Hallelujah
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What is your Glory?

Everything created by God has got a glory!

What is glory?

It is the physical manifestation of God’s presence within a thing or being.

Mosquitoes are very useful to our ecosystem that is their glory!

Technology enables us stay in touch with our loved ones and makes it easier for us to achieve more with less. …

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Back and better!!!

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Why kill yourself?
When you wake up from your slumber to see the storm of life rising beyond your control, with its fingers wrapped around you and there’s non to help, thoughts will sure come running in acting as that hidden strength which you never knew existed, but then one thought is all you need to get help or to go with the storm, how then can you recognize the true voice of help?
The voice of help within, will always whisper with a soft, tender and yet firm question, asking “why kill yourself”? but because this voice comes from the soul deep within the mind, even if it screams your ear is become deafened by the loud screaming of the body which is directly influenced by the world and its polluted air where all manner of negativity keeps flying from one zone to another attracting more and more of weird wicked happenings to it, all of that clusters, chanting and banging is way too loud for you to hear the quiet voice of solace and peace within screaming at its peak, why kill yourself?
We can run, run very far from our weaknesses and problem, but the truth still remains, that those problems awaits us even in death, what you left unsolved hangs on to your soul and spirit for you are solely the architect of your life, remember your soul lives on, that you cannot kill nor cage, its free as a bird pending divine judgment. Ever tried dodging a task? You did all that is within your power to avoid it, but then every corner you turn, you find that same task right in front of you as a reminder of what you must do, there are tasks that we can never run from, and one of such task is living, yes! Living is a task that is right there and will always be each day you awake, you owe yourself to live, problems are mere ingredients of life, the more you conquer them the sweeter and more meaningful life becomes to you, just like the condiment, some are sweet, some bitter and others soured while some have got no taste nor significance at all, but the truth be told, the bitters ones are healthier and of great benefit to us all.
We are creative beings with dominion, we are able to use our mind and head to think, figure out great solutions to the world’s problems, what on earth will make you less unique? Less human or less creative? Nothing but you and you alone, so why squeeze life out of yourself for problems that you are capable of solving, solving by giving it time, for time heals all wound and restores all that is lost, you can shut out the voice of the world by opening yourself up to your soul and spirit, you are a god and deep within you, greatness, strength, wealth and all you need to thrive lies there awaiting your visitation, why take your life? When you aren’t even sure of where that will lead you, there’s no victory in death, no happiness nor joy, nor great friends there, you are only left with the works of your heart, mind, body and soul, even your body sure deserts you returning to its abode the sands, your spirit wanders off to some place pending judgment. My dear! You owe yourself to live.
She screamed aaaaah, over my dead body will I let her take my boyfriend, she ran so fast that people around couldn’t catch up with her, she had the energy of a tiger and was ready to prove to the people she loved her boyfriend to stupor, well! Her action was only that of foolery as she was swift and quick to swallow every drop of poisonous liquid in the bottle behind their house, after that she smiled saying, now he knows he can never dump me, ho ho ! She was rushed to the hospital but before she could be attended to, she had given up the ghost, maybe to hunt the living boy, whom at the time had no idea what had happened or maybe she didn’t know her action was capable of taking her life, the answer to that I do not know, but one thing is clear, the boy is alive and definitely married to some Lady who stayed brave enough despite heartbreaks to be alive. Did she fight a good fight?
He walked out of his office sweating profusely, his thoughts ran far and wide, all negatives that one couldn’t dare imagine was all that dominated his mind, my job gone, the house must be vacated, my wife has threatened to leave, the kids I can no longer take care of, as their mum said to me this morning, “Tade, these two children don’t belong to you, so they will have to go with me once I am set to leave your house and that will be today before you get back from work” hmmm
Life gets a bit unfair sometimes right?
But the truth is, whatever comes to one, is what such one is capable of handling, you are greater, stronger and able to handle life failures and betrayals, if first you take your eyes off the situation and problem, fixing it on the supernatural, that greater power which is GOD, in every situation and time, HE is right there with you “for yee are gods cos yee are sons and daughters of God”. Tade knew that because he had great relationship with his creator and didn’t see prayer as a sheer waste of time nor as the effect of placebo in medicine, but recognized prayer as a means of communication with the great I AM THAT IAM, knowing that within the I am, is he Tade hidden, therefore when the whole world comes crumbling down on him, he has got a greater shoulder to weather the storms of life, throwing them to the abyss for the one within is far too stronger.
Tade got into his car, turned on the ignition and began to blast the Steve Crown’s song titled “you are great”. He sang so loud with tears in his eyes, that passer bys were wondering what could be wrong; some assumed he won a jackpot others just nodded in pity and walked on. He arrived home to meet an empty house with a letter on the center table saying.
Dear Tade,
Sorry it had to end this way, you are a great guy, wonderful father and a good husband, but my secret had been hunting me for years, reason I decided to leave your house and life today, the kids belong to your boss, you remember how I use to go to him to plead for your employment, one thing led to another and we began to date. I am very sorry and I wish you all the best, as for the company house, you can be there pending when you get somewhere else to stay.
Your ex-wife.
Hmmm, all he heard was an explosion, a bomb or something like that went off in his head, he fell to the ground and wept, where have I gone wrong? But my dear, at times, one doesn’t have to go wrong for things to go upside down, there are things we as human cannot explain, like someone betraying you, you never have control over how people choose to treat you, but you do have full control how you respond to treatment dished out to you by others.
He cried and began to speak in tongues, he spoke till the tongues wouldn’t move again, it is over, I have lost all, what then is left, why live? He asked himself but then a voice whispered saying why kill yourself? Yes, why take your precious life because of someone who saw no good in you? Someone who betrayed your trust and broke the marital vow you held so strong, someone who doesn’t care one bit about you? She obviously let you to die and the only true and sure victory will be for you to live, the voice beckoned on him to get up, wipe your tears, go to your parents, pastor or good friends, go air your feelings, cry if you must but then live above what pulled you down.
Tade listened to the good voice, he knew he had more goodies ahead of him, he got up and mixed with great minds, some felt genuinely concerned and some didn’t, but in the end, he got a good and better job, he met a pretty, god fearing lady and they fell in love, Tade is no married with 4 kids, double twins this time he got a DNA confirmation. Lol .
His past is gone and totally wiped off because he chose to listen to the good voice, many who commit suicide die just before their breakthrough and manifestation because to them its totally over even before it begins. Be like Tade, live above your fears and sorrow!
That divorce is not the end of the world.
That setback is only but an opportunity for a comeback.
That layoff is not the end but a fresh opening for you to explore the world of success.
If they don’t like you, know it’s because you have got something they don’t have, not because you are a no-good.
Whenever you find yourself in the midst of those who don’t like you, my dear be brave enough to let them be, walk away for there are loads of people who love you and are eagerly waiting for your manifestation.
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sisters are diamonds

Sisters are diamonds

It takes a thousand years,
To form that very precious stone,
The one every woman craves
To adorn her fingers with,
The shiny and yet reflective pearl
It takes a thousand spermatozoa
To race with the ovaries
To get to that one egg,
Yeah! To produce just one,
One special blood tie,
One special buddy
One special partner
The one you and I call sister,
Sisters are special
Kind, compassionate and supportive
They can get on our nerves sometimes,
Yet, they mean the world to us.
This is a shout out to all the
Great sisters out there.

THE GIANTs winning strategies

Everyone is an entrepreneur! The difference is in strategies and administration. Tips from the world’s best business men and women.

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Winning strategies from FORBE’s entrepreneurs, we can only apply what we know to achieve what we want, study this piece to buy the wisdom of success.

1.) Have a Unique Perspective on Risk
This one seems like a no-brainer. What other segment of society is willing to step out with crazy ideas like entrepreneurs? But here is the deal for those of you on the fence — get your tail off it. According to the report, “a majority of entrepreneurs indicate they believe entrepreneurs are born — not made”.

So see? You were born to do this. But you have to take a risk and start. You have zero — repeat zero — chance of winning the game if you’re not in it. Dreaming of one day winning the Entrepreneur of the Year award? Good luck unless you change your perspective on risk. Starting today.

2.) Instill Passion in Great…

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It’s become glaring that things won’t change, at least not now, as the prices are skyrocketing with no traces of the force of gravity ale to pull them down, my people are no longer smiling talk-less of a good laugh, all hands are now on deck, now! we know mindset needs thorough cleansing from all them garbage dumped on it by our corrupt   society that has promoted luxury and mediocrity, discarding diligence, handwork, skills and self improvement through its nefarious acts of ingenuity and malpractice.

Who is to blame?

like Omawumi would sing, “if you ask me, na who i go ask… the matter wey you see so….” well your guess is as good as mine.

we can not like babies continue to blame the government, our parents, the society and all but ourselves, you are the problem, yes ! you.

you have got brains to think, you can begin by doing just one right thing so well to impact that place where you are positioned, but nope, you need the government to sweet the front of your house, wash your plates after eating and even cook and serve you the food, oya nau, that will only be done in your dreams.

This is a call to wake you up, get up! think differently and think out of the box, times are fast changing, how prepared are you for the new era of productivity, excellence, perfection and grace?

complaining and our public debates/ argument has changed nothing. let us all stand today in unity to bring clarity to the opaqued dream of wealth and freedom,peace and unity, one Nigeria and one love that would keep us together.


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